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Wrapping it Up

At Grown Under Glass, we are always sad to see another greenhouse season draw to a close. It was a year that had more challenges than most. It started with an epic amount of snowfall. More than a metre in south Abbotsford, requiring extraordinary measures to melt the snow off the greenhouse roofs. This when the plants were only 2 months old. After this, they were exposed to a darker than normal late winter/early spring. This put the flowering and setting of the first fruits way back as well. This all added up to lower than average production and higher than average greenhouse production costs.

Greenhouse production in Abbotsford

This is agriculture though, and we accept that certain things are beyond our control and focus on creating the best possible grown under glass crops for our customers.

But now the old crops are all out. Ground up to make compost in the fields. We work hard on the clean up and wash down to prepare for the new young greenhouse plants to come in before Christmas.

Wrapping up greenhouse products

It doesn’t sound right but it gives a good feeling when the greenhouses are all warm and green for Christmas. They can start to root in and grow while we, along with our employees, are able to relax and celebrate the Christmas season.

Greenhouses across the water

If you would like to learn more about growing under glass or if you are interested in a greenhouse career, please contact Grown Under Glass at 604-864-0078 or by filling out a contact form on our website.