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We are often asked many questions regarding Bell Peppers themselves, as well as how we grow them. Here are some of our most asked questions. If you have any other questions, feel free to email us!

What do you grow?

We grow red, yellow, orange Bell peppers.

What made you choose glass greenhouses?

Not only is glass higher in transparency, it has lower maintenance costs as it doesn’t have to be replaced – unlike plastic greenhouses. This also makes it more environmentally sustainable.

What are the benefits to growing under glass?

When we keep our plants protected inside glass structures, there are a variety of factors we can control: temperature, pests, and humidity.

Glass allows the greatest amount of light transmission from the sun, allowing our plants to be bathed in one of the world’s best natural resources – sunlight. Using Hot Water Boilers, we are able to control the temperature through out the seasons, whether it is warm or cold outside. This means we are able to grow produce for an extended season (February to November) unlike a regular field crop grown outdoors. Outdoors, unpredictable weather patterns can greatly injure plants, especially plants that are delicate like Pepper plants. The surrounding glass acts as a barrier from the cold, wind, rain, and snow.

We try our very best to use little to no pesticides. We treat pests naturally, with other pests. For example, to keep out aphids we introduce good insects into the environment.

Humidity is controlled by the plants. By efficiently irrigating the crop throughout the day, we are able to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

Where do you get your plants?

We get our plants from a Greenhouse that specializes in raising young plants, located in the Fraser Valley. After they are seeded and have grown for six weeks, they are shipped to us and we set them out into our Greenhouse.

Where can I buy your peppers?

We sell our Peppers through the company BC Hot House. Our peppers can be found in at Costco, Safeway, Albertsons, as well as many other grocers. We do not sell any produce directly from the greenhouse.

Do Peppers change colours while they are growing?

Contrary to popular belief, Bell Peppers do not change from green, to yellow, to orange, to red. All Peppers will start off as Green Peppers, and then as they ripen, turn to the colour the plant is genetically. When you see a Yellow Bell Pepper, it is as ripe as it will be. It will never turn orange or red. Although all Peppers will begin as Green, the ones you see in the grocery store are actually unripe Red Peppers. We choose to pick the unripe Red Pepper because Red is the sweetest. Therefore, an unripe Red Pepper will be sweeter than an unripe Yellow or Orange.