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Greenhouse Careers

There are many careers within the Greenhouse Industry and therefore holds great opportunities for positive professions.


Growers are in charge of the day to day operations within the greenhouses. They manage labour and ensure optimal plant growth and yield. A great way to find a career as a Grower would be to hold a Post-Secondary Degree in Horticulture.

Transportation & Logistics

Opportunities in the Transportation side of the Greenhouse industry would include Truck and Forklift drivers.

Machine Operators

In order for produce to be packaged efficiently, Greenhouse Equipment Operators are a necessity to the industry. They also offer jobs on the Grading line, a great opportunity for young people looking for seasonal work.

Greenhouse Services

In this industry, we are always looking for individuals with specialized knowledge in the repair and maintenance of Greenhouse systems.

Greenhouse Workers

Another great seasonal job available is for those who are interested in picking and pruning the Pepper Plants.